Setting Goals

Hello and happy new year! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post, but a lot has happened since then. In fact, I’ve been having a writer’s block. Every so often, it would cross my mind that I would have to update my blog, but I wasn’t sure what to write about. I apologize, but I’m back on the grind! Better late than never.

With the new year, it naturally crossed my mind on the idea of goals. I’ve only recently been interested in being responsible on setting goals for myself. In the past, I wasn’t so disciplined in making sure I hit those goals. But I definitely think it’s healthy and gives you something to strive for in this life. And that makes life more interesting and satisfying!

Before I get into what my personal goals are, I recently read this article about how people gain motivation in their lives. That’s when I came across Notes from the Universe. Essentially, when you sign up you receive automated emails written by “The Universe” personalized with your name and your goals and aspirations. You receive encouraging emails that lifts you up and makes you feel inspired. Personally, I believe in the power of words. It gives me strength and clarity. Especially since I’m connected to my phone, whenever I read the emails it’s like a little pep talk to help you get through your good and bad days. Here’s a sample email of what I received: “It’s quite the paradox, Pearly, but the more one pushes themselves into areas of discomfort – gently, just a bit, from time to time – the more comfortable they become. And vice versa.” Short, simple and straight to the point. This leads me to my next point. Goals should intimidate you a little bit, because you’re willing to go the extra mile to achieve something you haven’t before. In the past, this intimidated me in pursuing my goals because they seemed so grand and impossible to achieve. My goals have been created with the thought that they are intimidating, but not impossible to achieve if I put the extra effort.

Here are my goals for 2017:

  • Work out at least twice a week: preferably a weekday and weekend. And no excuses on missing a day, I have to make it up. So far it’s been successful for me.
  • Participate in another 5K. This will remind me that my workouts are not for nothing.
  • Grab a driver’s license book from the DMV and study it.
  • Take & pass the permit test. I’m in my 20s, people get this done in their teenage years.
  • Travel internationally or nationally- get out of NYC and remind myself that the world is huge and look at things with a different perspective.
  • Use my job’s health insurance and set up a yearly check up. I want to make sure everything is functionally internally.
  • Write more.
  • Be more calm and patient when communicating with family.
  • Mentor someone younger than me (or who has less experience than me) who has reached out to me.
  • Read more books. I’m currently reading Mastery, and I’ll let you know my thoughts after I’m done!
  • In relation to the above, but read more when I’m commuting. If I happen to snag a seat, I force myself to read because I am in a more comfortable position to read rather than when I’m holding onto a pole.
  • Read the newspaper on weekends.
  • Improve a relationship outside of my own discipline at work.
  • Give more hugs and say thank you to friends and family when we meet up.
  • When feeling anxious or nervous, smile more. Gently.
  • Practice standing up straighter and improving overall posture.
  • Reduce the urge to check social media and replace with something more productive.
  • Speak with more conviction.
  • Say yes to things that I know will develop me, but I’m too intimidated to do.

The above is quite lengthy, but I am determined to check them off the list by the end of 2017. These goals may change and adapt, but for now I intend to achieve them. I may even write about it, as a end of the year reflection.

I would love to hear what your goals are and what you are doing to achieve them in the comments below!