What I’ve Been Loving

It’s Sunday night and the weekend is wrapping up. I feel like as I’m getting older, I treasure my weekends more. I like to fill them up with activities that are fulfilling and make me happy.

Here are a couple of discoveries I’ve been into lately:


I am OBSESSED with these. Living in New York City, I’ve been gravitating towards listening to podcasts on my iPhone rather than listening to music. It’s convenient and keeps my mind going when I’m commuting on the subway, especially when I’m standing up in the train. There is something humanizing listening to someone’s voice and talk about something that is of interest to them. It may possibly be hearing the variant tones in a person’s voice that really brings a story to life in comparison to reading a book.

I can go on and possibly create a separate blog post of specific podcasts I listen to, but the one I listen religiously to is Chris Gethard’s Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. The whole premise of the podcast is the comedian host – Chris Gethard opens the phone line to an anonymous caller for an hour and he can’t hang up first – no matter what. What makes this podcast so great is that I’ve listened to a variety of callers share shocking confessions, family secrets to philosophical discussions. Literally anything can happen on this show and not knowing the trajectory of the conversation makes it fun and intriguing. There have definitely been times when I have sympathized with the callers or laughed along to something witty Gethard has mentioned to relate to the caller. Gethard is an awesome host with humility and knowing that he resides in Queens (aka the best borough) makes him even more likable. To check it out yourself, tune in for free here: Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People

Modern Love Section from the New York Times

I must admit, even though I am subscribed to the weekend New York Times, I sometimes find myself not reading every nook and cranny of the papers. However – I never skip the Sunday paper for the Modern Love section. This is my absolutely favorite. What I love about this section is reading from real people and their unique story of love. Sometimes the stories are sweet and tender, sometimes it’s foreign to me. That’s what makes this section so great – it’s like listening to a dear friend open up about something so vulnerable and accepting their loving truth. One that pulled on my heart string is a dying wife’s creation of her husband’s profile on dating sites. Knowing that her husband deserves to fall in love again even when she will no longer be on this earth, moves me. It really opened up my mind in the ways people express unconditional love and how to move forward knowing nothing is permanent. Here is the article: You May Want to Marry My Husband. Reading the Modern Love section has expanded my mind and heart to the trials and tribulations of love.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? This is my favorite doughnut shop of all time. Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – this place has old-school charm and great taste. The doughnuts are affordable and taste so fresh. My personal favorites are the Blueberry Buttermilk & Sour Cream doughnuts. I know what you’re thinking, sour cream? They don’t taste like actual sour cream, but the consistency is just divine. Oh – and their apple strudels are to die for. Pick one or a couple for the weekend, and cash only.



Instagram is definitely a social media outlet I tend to browse the most. And here a couple of people I’ve been following:

Natalie @_skinbloom – I am lucky to actually be IRL friends with Natalie who has an instagram page dedicated to all things skin care and beauty. She is sweet, honest and pure. Her posts are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but she gives great and detailed reviews. I rely on her to give me the dish on what works and what doesn’t work for skin. Whenever she posts something I am always curious to read what she’s been loving because she is beautiful inside and out.

My Modern Met – All things art, design and photography. I love to browse this page for all things imaginative and creative. Often times, they have artists take over the insta page and post their art. I learn so much from the different techniques and styles.

Kiko Mizuhara – I’ve been a fan of her since college. American born, but raised in Japan – this lady is a force in modeling and acting in Asia. She has been crossing over – recently starring in The Weeknd’s new music video (!!!) Her unique style and quirky personality makes her extremely charming and endearing. A quick browse on her page – she has fun fashion, great music tastes and exploratory travel pictures.

These are a couple of things I’ve been loving – would be curious to know what you’ve been into. Always looking forward to discover new things 🙂